Daily Or Occasional; This GST Replica Purse Can Be Yours!

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It’s really hard for me to keep this absolutely lovely brand away from you, especially when I see a really good replica purse. But, this time, I’ll take my chances. A reader of this site bought a Grand Shopping Tote in November and she has a surprise for you.

This is the email she sent me when she first received the GST:

“I love your blog! I just received my Grand Shopper tote . I ordered it on November 28th and received it today, December 5, which was pretty fast. I am not familiar with replica handbags so I wanted to know your opinion on this bag. I really like it; I just want an expert opinion!

Also, I was wondering, referring to “photo 4″, is there supposed to be screws in the buckle?”

My dear Megan, your replica purse is really beautiful and the leather is really nice.
Yes, there should be screws on the rings, the authentic one also have them. What I don’t really like is the fact that the rings are not really aligned but this flaw it’s not so noticeable. Enjoy your replica purse, it’s really nice!

A few days ago, the girl in question, Megan, sent me this email:

“I emailed you back in December asking your opinion on my replica Grand Shopper Tote, black with silver hardware. I absolutely love this bag, it is perfect. However, I am much more interested in the small classic flap bag, so I have decided to sell this bag and purchase that! Surprisingly, I have never gotten the chance to wear this bag, so it is in brand-new condition.

I am from the USA, and will only ship this within the USA. This Chanel Grand Shopping Tote measures 13″L x 5″ W x 10″H, with a 9″ drop. It has 3 interior pockets, and 1 open pocket on the back of the bag. The bag has no smell; other than a slight smell of leather. The leather is very stiff and durable.

Thank you very much”

So girls, if you like this replica purse shoot her an email. But just to be safe, use PayPal for this transaction. As well, I have to say that I don’t guarantee for the bag.

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A Cerf Replica Purse Like No Other!

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The fact that replica handbags sites are inconsistent is well known among replica purse lovers. But the site I’m about to talk about is really surprising. They are ones of the best Prada and Celine replica handbags sites but when they have to reproduce relatively simply bags, they somehow mess things up.

This is how all started:

“So I bought a Cerf Tote, and hopefully it comes soon, it was only $229, so if it doesn’t come/ is bad quality, I’m willing for it to be a loss.”

And this is the actual replica purse review:

“Hey Eva,

So my bag arrived today! And I only bought it on Wednesday night last week, so delivery was less than 7 days! And I really like the bag, it fits all my books in it and although when I unboxed, it didn’t look much bigger than my GST one, but once I’d transferred all my stuff into it and my books, I could tell that it is actually heaps bigger and roomier. I’m so glad I ‘risked’ it and bought, and will be buying a maxi or jumbo from them again soon. The bag is all squashed and out of shape, cause they put it in a box too small, but it’s not that bad and I’ll be filling it up every day with stuff so I’m sure it will get a normal wear shape to it, and on the inside the buttons wear it has the logo are tilted, not even but no one will see the inside.

I hope everything’s going well for you Eva!

My dear, this replica purse is pretty but it has a few defects. I don’t recommend passing this bag as an authentic. First, the bag should be more structured, same as the handles. My guess is that they though this bag should be soft, so they made it of thin leather. And it shouldn’t be so slouchy at the top.

There are other mistakes too so I made a photo for you girls to spot them better. 

There’s another thing that’s not actually a mistake but I think you should know. Older Cerf replica handbags don’t have magnetic snaps that secure the top opening like yours; I attached a photo of those too.

My friend’s not so critical and I love her attitude:

“Thanks for letting know! I had a feeling the top bit was too wide, and I guess you can’t expect too much since it’s only a fraction of the price.

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A Big Surprise From Their Designer Replica Handbags!

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A while ago, a friend of mine needed some advices on where to buy the best Mulberry replica handbags. At first she wanted a Mulberry Alexa but it was out of stock so she ended up buying a Mulberry Bayswater. The bag is not perfect but it’s the best replica I’ve seen so far.

Although my friend wanted to remain anonymous she was kind enough to send us some photos. So this is her Mulberry Bayswater.

She didn’t have any problems with the order or the payment via Western Union and she is very happy with her bag. Here is what she told me: “I’ve never seen the real deal so this looks great to me. Very high quality!”

Overall, this replica Mulberry handbag is really good. It has a few small flaws but nothing to worry about. For example: the hidden padlock in hanging leather pouch is a bit crooked and the inside should be brown not beige. Also the stitches are not great but with the proper care, I think they will last.

But here is the most important thing you should know about these designer replica handbags. Some of them have a serial code and others don’t have it. Don’t worry, there’s no need to return these replica handbags. Not even authentic Mulberry bags have date codes. They stopped making them a few years ago. 

One more thing is a trustworthy site, you can use Western Union; they will never take your money and not send the replica handbags you’ve ordered. But be careful! Not even half of the replica handbags sites out there are as honest …or Club Couture!

What do you think, girls? Do you like this bag?

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Check Out Kate Upton’s Stunning Celine Crocodile Luggage Tote

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Kate Upton carries a Celine Crocodile Luggage Tote in NYC (5)

September’s already been very good to Kate Upton – she snagged the coveted Model of the Year award at the Style Awards this week, and she’s currently doing her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation on the cover of the most recent issue of Vanity Fair, which celebrates the publication’s 100th anniversary. Here she is arriving in NYC for the Style Awards, carrying a Celine Crocodile Luggage Tote. You can shop authentic, pre-owned Celine bags at Portero.

While most Celine croc bags are simply croc-embossed leather, only authentic croc skin will do for the 2013 Model of the Year! That’s right, this one is the real deal Holyfield. We can’t verify this croc Celine’s exact price, but a python version of this bag currently retails for $5,600, so an authentic croc version would very likely be several thousand above that.

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Man Bag Monday: Coach Legacy Utility Flap Commuter Bag

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Coach Legacy Utility Flap Commuter Bag Black

I’ve never thought of anything as a “commuter bag” before, but if you live in a place where much of your moving about is done by public transportation, you know one when you see one. No matter whether the bag will be carried by a man or woman, it needs to have plenty of space, multiple pockets, a full top closure and a strong, comfortable shoulder strap, at the very least. True to its name, the Coach Legacy Utility Flap Commuter Bag has all that and more.

So here’s what we’ve got in this bag: a front pocket for quick-reach items like your phone and keys, a flap-covered main compartment for larger items, multiple interior items for little bits and pieces, and both a double-handle setup for hand-carrying and a shoulder strap for…well, for your shoulder. It’s got all of a dude’s work-bag bases covered, and it does so in two multicolored neutral versions that are colorblocked without being colorblocked, in that tediously trendy way.

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Everyone’s Talking About the Chanel Diamond Bags

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Chanel Diamond Bags

Last week, one of our contributors tipped me off to some bags generating quite a bit of buzz on our Forum – the Chanel Diamond Bags, new for Fall 2013. Members in the Chanel section have traded nearly eight pages of information, photos and opinions on the bags, and we’ve got all the images and information you could want to make one of these little darlings your next acquisition.

Although the Chanel Diamond Bags (referred to as such because of the angled border around the iconic CC logo on the bags’ front panel) are making their official debut right now, the design heavily references several boxy designs from Chanel’s accessories heyday in the 1980s. The bag comes in three sizes – the Small Camera Case ($2,800), Camera Case ($4,000) and Flap Bag (price unknown at this time). The Small Camera Case is a mini crossbody style, the Camera Case is on two shorter chains and the Flap Bag can be worn both ways. The bags are lambskin inside and out, which makes for a pretty luxurious everyday bag. All three sizes comes in a variety of neutrals, including black and beige.

Below, we have both Chanel’s official images of the bag and some of our own, taken from our exclusive look at Chanel’s Fall 2013 bags.

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